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UFOs: From Outer Space or Earth?

When we hear the word UFO or Unidentified Flying Object we immediately think of aliens from outer space, another planet or galaxy. It’s no surprise that we come to this conclusion seeing as strange objects that come from the sky naturally must be from space and come from distances far beyond our galaxy. When UFOs are seen by people and when some claim to be abducted they usually give a story about how the ship looked and ,how they were going to be taken to another planet or are at the very least told where the UFO has come from. Do UFOs come from outer space? It certainly seems to be the case and there is plenty of evidence to support it. However, there is a more easily plausible theory as to where some but not all UFOs come from and that is right here on Earth and here in the United States.

If UFOs can come from outer space then who is to say that they can’t also come from right here in our own country? Is it really that out of the realm of possibility? If you look more into what the term UFO stands for then you can see that it says unidentified flying object, which can mean anything in the sky seen flying that cannot be accounted for or identified. Nothing about a UFO says that it must come from outer space so therefore there is just as good a chance that what someone sees in the sky might not just be a UFO but a strange craft created right here on Earth. The government and military would certainly be capable of building such strange aircrafts which then when they are tested and seen we deem as UFOs because as far as the public knows, there’s no such craft here on Earth so it must come from beyond. The Aurora spy plane exists, we should not know about it but yet we must know of it if I’m able to explain it’s very existence.

I think it’s just as highly possible that the government and military has created their own UFOs. One, as weapons to be used in wars and or a hostile takeover or they re-created these UFOs based on ones they’ve captured that have in fact come from outer space. The government of course would keep such matters classified and not say anything to the public and where would they store such aircrafts? Well at the one spot here on Earth that we are again not supposed to know about but know exists...Area 51. Whether or not someone chooses to believe in UFOs is entirely up to them however I would suggest to just look up at the sky one night or go online and look at the evidence. The question here is not if UFOs exist but where they come from and I believe that they come from both outer space and right here on Earth.

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