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The Real Men in Black

In film they are portrayed as unserious and quirky, the total opposite as one would assume an agent working for such an established secret branch to be. But again, that is merely the fictional portrayal of the figures we have come to known as the men in black. The real men in black are government agents dressed in black suits, who question, interrogate, harass, threaten, and supposedly are said to memory-wipe and even assassinate UFO witnesses to keep them silent about what they’ve seen. It is also a term used to describe mysterious men working for unknown organizations, as well as various branches of government allegedly tasked with protecting secrets or performing other strange activities. The term while generic, is used for any unusual, cold and emotionless, threatening, or strange-behaving individual whose appearance on the scene can be linked in some way to a UFO sighting. Several encounters with the men in black have been reported by UFO researchers and enthusiasts. The (MIB for short) have appeared throughout several different moments in history.

People who come across the real men in black are the reason that we know them today and they are also the reason we know of their strange demeanor. For those who have been approached by one of the men in black, their story is usually the same with different variants. The man in black shows up unannounced and is dressed in a suit and is sometimes wearing dark sunglasses. They have emotionless expressions and will ask a series of questions about or related to UFOs, aliens, or other secretive information. Depending on how the person responds is how the men in black will react. If given detailed responses they may say good day and never make contact with the individual again, however, if the witness is vague then they may be threatened in some way. Some even despite giving detailed information to the men in black have also stated to have been harrassed and threatened and that they will come back again at another time.

One thing that really perplexes witnesses who have contact with men in black is how some of them appear. Some of them are said to have pale white skin and look cold to the touch, while others have stated that they give off the feeling of “not being from this planet”. Other witnesses have stated that the men in black who visited them had reptilian skin while others have stated that the men will show up and look weak or seem to actually go in and out of view as if they are a digital glitch before running off. While these last two ideas of men in black seem a bit farfetched it should be remembered that one of the whole notions of the men in black is that they wish to silence those who have witnessed UFOs or aliens so would it really be so crazy if they themselves are aliens of another planet as well? Whichever idea you wish to believe at least know this, the real men in black do exist and if you ever witness a UFO, or alien or know a top government secret you aren’t supposed to, they will most likely be paying you a visit and it won’t be Will Smith or Tommy Lee Jones.

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