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Area 51

Area 51 or Groom Lake as it’s also known is an Air Force and secret government and military facility in Nevada. They claim it is an open training range, however, here the two parties are said to hold top-secret meetings and that the place contains UFOs, spy planes, aliens, or alien bodies, and it is commonly thought to be where the development and testing of experimental aircraft and weapons are. The Air Force and CIA acquired the site in 1955 to test the U-2 plane and have been using the site for more elaborate and secret purposes ever since. For many years the government denied the existence of Area 51 until it was mentioned as existing in 1995. One could easily get lost down the rabbit hole of theories about Area 51 but let this simply be a brief summary of what the base is and what we believe it to be today.

It is immediately worth noting that Area 51 is not only not accessible to the public but even the air space in which it takes up is also off-limits. Any aircraft seen flying in the air space will be warned to reverse course or risk being shot down. Just like on the ground if the public gets too close to the site they risk the chance of being apprehended or worse shot on the premises. There are several signs that state this. Doesn’t it seem a bit extreme for a place that is not only not said to exist but even if it’s just a military base? Sure government and military secrets do tend to be highly classified but to shoot someone just for getting too close to the base does seem a bit excessive in some regard. Many people have claimed to see planes flying at strange hours of the night around the area. This is likely because those who work at Area 51 are being flown in.

One man, Bob Lazar claimed to have worked in Area 51 in the 80s and claims to know and have seen many things while employed there from planes and UFOs to aliens and extra-terrestrial cover-ups. For as much as we do know about Area 51 there is likely just as much that we don’t know. In recent years it has become the primary focus of modern conspiracy theories due to its secrets and connection to classified aircraft research.


-Storage, examination, and engineering of crashed alien spacecraft, including material supposedly recovered at Roswell from 1947, the study of their occupants, and the manufacture of aircraft based on alien technology

-Meetings with extraterrestrials

-The development of exotic energy weapons for military programs

-The development of controlling the weather in certain situations and scenarios

-Time travel and teleportation technology

-Exotic propulsion systems related to the Aurora Program(Aurora spyplane)

-Activities related to the conspiracy theory of a one-world government

Whatever you choose to believe is up to you. The only thing this post intends to do is make you aware of the fact that not only does such a place exist but it has for many years and it fascinates people to this day.

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