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Justin Bienvenue

Author, Poet, Horror Writer

Justin Bienvenue is an author and poet. As a young boy, he was always told by friends and family that he had quite a vivid imagination and if only he could write down on paper what he could create in his mind. However, despite being told he had a knack for being creative, he didn't pursue writing right away. It wasn't until his freshman year of high school that he began writing poetry and developed a passion for writing.

In 2010, he decided he wanted the public to enjoy his poetry so he decided to write his first book, The Macabre Masterpiece: Poems of Horror and Gore. The idea for a book of horror poetry came after seeing that he had compiled a decent amount of horror poems and horror was his preferred genre. From there he wrote a few dozen more and his first book was born. After that he started writing short stories, continues to write poetry and has written five more books. His second book, A Bloody Bloody Mess in the Wild Wild West is a western horror published in 2014 and he followed it up with another book of poetry on the contemporary side with Like A Box of Chocolates. He enjoys writing in different genres other than horror such as weird westerns and crime thrillers. His books take a reader on an entertaining journey and leave them in suspense wondering what will happen next and wanting more. Aside from his six published works he also has over a dozen short stories and poems which have been published in anthologies and magazines. His sixth novel, The Wax Factory is a Gothic horror and is the first in a three part series

He is a bit of a Twitterholic and can usually be found on there most of the time. He also has a series of blogs on Goodreads and Pinterest called Hundred Year Old Horror where he analyzes works from hundreds of years ago and connects them to the present. He also has several series of short stories and poems which can be found on Wattpad and Channillo.

When he's not writing away he's a sports fan and enjoys football and baseball and is a fan of the New England Patriots and the Boston Red Sox. His interests also include History, Egyptology, Ufology, Piracy, The Wild West, Civil War History, The Bermuda Triangle and listening to music. 

Want to know more about Justin or be entertained by his works? Check out his page on Amazon.

                                  My Writing Journey & Why I Write

One day while sitting at my computer thinking of what I wanted to do with my life I compiled a list of goals. One of these goals on the list was writing a book, it was the last one the list cause it was at the time the most unlikely thing to happen. The other four goals on the list included basics such as become more social, get a girlfriend, get a job and learn to drive. After I didn’t get the first four goals done I thought I’d take a shot at the last one on the list. So I sat down and began thinking of what I wanted to write about. I knew it would be poetry so I went through my folder of poems and decided horror poetry would my first book. I brought all the horror poems together and thought that what I had would be great for a book. After putting everything together I sat down and started writing some more. One week and 35 new poems later I added them to go with the 15 I already had and was ready to put the book together. Then came the many processes, editing, organizing, researching, all things that needed to be done to make the book a reality.

None of this was easy as one may imagine but I kept at it. After categorizing, editing, and putting it all together I sent it to a publishing company where they agreed to publish it. Of course, the waiting process happened but I did not wait long. After a few months, they told me my book was a-go and I just needed to go over it. Corrections and making sure it was just right took a bit of time but after that, the goal that I thought would be the least of actually happened became a reality. My book was published and I was one happy person. I ended up having major issues with that company but was able to get out of the contract and move on with my career and decided to become a self-published author. 

I write because I’m good at it, I write because I have ideas that flow through my brain and most of all I write because it’s a part of me and I enjoy it. I have a passion for writing and I enjoy telling stories and expressing myself through poetry. I write because it’s a way for me to showcase my imagination for others to read. I write because it’s what I do and it brings me joy. 

                                                                                                                        Mission Statements

To entertain and educate my audience so they not only enjoy what it is they are reading but that they also learn and can take something away with them.

Justin Bienvenue

To show people that poetry is not dead but still very much an active part of our culture. It's not just a way of expression but an art form of words to be enjoyed by being written and read; by writers and readers alike. 

Justin Bienvenue