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What Is A Ufologist?

A Ufologist is someone who investigates unidentified flying objects or (UFOs) and believes that they may have extraordinary origins and possibly even contain extraterrestrial alien visitors from other planets or galaxies. Ufology is generally considered and classified by skeptics and science educators as an example of pseudoscience. Even though governments and private companies sponsor investigations, ufology is not embraced by professionals as a scientific field of study and, is instead generally considered and often included on lists of topics characterized as pseudoscience as either partial or total pseudoscience.

However, given the social society in which we live today and the considerable amount of public interest and new individual enthusiasm in the subject, one cannot just call a ufologist or ufology a pseudoscience when it has just as much qualifying merit as any other profession and controversial subject.

Pseudoscience is a term that classifies arguments that are claimed to exemplify the methods and principles of science, but do not in fact adhere to an appropriate scientific method, lack supporting evidence, plausibility, falsifiability, or otherwise lack scientific status.

In principle, it is being stated that while it is acknowledged it is only acknowledged theoretically, which is a nice way of saying it’s not a real profession. However, it is in fact a serious profession and type of science because there have been many famous ufologists who have not only served their country well and proud but made astonishing achievements and discoveries within the field.

Dr. J Allen Hynek is one of the most well-known ufologists of his time and is known today for his theories and work on Project Blue Book. It should be noted that if someone as acclaimed as Dr. Hynek was then not only is a ufologist to be taken seriously but should be taken seriously even more so today. We are not at a time where we are to better believe what we see and hear than we did back in the 1940s and 50s, therefore a Ufologist by today’s definition could be someone who does not wish to see the world beyond but go beyond it and find out just who or what else is out there.

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