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Book Trailers 

The Macabre Masterpiece Book Trailer

50 Horror poems. 5 Dark chapters. 1 Goal. To terrify even the most devoted horror fan..

A Bloody Bloody Mess in the Wild Wild West Book Trailer

Brain craving zombies. A bloodthirsty madman. A gritty cowboy will get his boots dirty to save his town from slaughter.

The Macabre Masterpiece: Repressed Carnage Book Trailer

60 Horror poems. 5 Deadly places. Darker than the first, twice as terrifying...

Opium Warfare Book Trailer

A heinous murder. A city with an opioid epidemic. A dock worker must play detective to stop the criminal kingpin responsible or die trying...

Like A Box of Chocolates Book Trailer

40 Unique poems. 10 Diverse themes. Journey into a creative showcase that will take you into another dimension of poetry...

The Wax Factory Book Trailer

Trapped in a creepy factory. Dmitri and his friends must escape the maddening nightmare that controls their fate...

The Wax Menagerie Book Trailer

Lost in a mysterious forest. Dmitri and his friends must evade the paranormal labyrinth that could seal their doom...

The Wax Papers Book Trailer

Gaslighted by traumatic events. Dmitri and his friends must question if their project is truly worth their sanity...

The Short Story Emporium

Gruesome deaths. Historical adventures. Unorthodox tyranny. Uncover a collection of short stories that will leave you anticipating what you’ll read next...

Of Gears and Gaslight

When a train engineer and zealous monk’s lives are transformed, will their new worlds become mechanically magical or filled with dark despair? 

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