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The Different Types of Aliens

Types of Aliens:

Nordics: Human-like and tall with blonde hair and blue eyes. Similar to the image of Scandinavians. Usually dressed in one-piece tight outfits that look like ski suits or motorbike leathers. They tend to behave in a distant and disinterested fashion. Usually seen staring back at humans and taking notes on them. Seem friendly. Popular sightings of them mainly in the 1950s and 1960s and declined in the 1970s.

Polish-American George Adamski is credited as being the first person to have contact with them in the 1950s.

Goblin: Short around 3 to 4 ft tall. They are humanoid and walk on two legs. Aside from having two arms, two legs and a head they are bizarre in appearance. Have long arms that end in claws or talons that almost go down to the ground. They have large heads with grotesquely-pointed ears and evil looking eyes. Some have been described to have dense hair or long fur but most are naked with a smooth or reptilian skin. Their behavior tends to be aggressive and are known to attack humans inflicting wounds and sometimes will drag a human to their spacecraft. They seem to be stronger than they look.

These are likely the types of aliens that were present during the Kelly-Hopkinsville Incident

Tricksters: Broadly similar to humans but rarely stand more than 3 ft tall. Are said to wear one-piece suits and sometimes have helmets or face masks on. They are said to be interested in plants, animals, crops and livestock. They seem to like taking plant samples and try to catch animals. They are disinterested in humans and act almost in nuisance if they see one. They will also run off or motion for the human to leave. If this does not work they sometimes will paralyze a human with a tool that emits light.

Greys: Around 4 ft tall and humanoid. Are thin with spindly arms, legs and bodies but large rounded oval heads. The arms and legs sometimes lack joints such as elbows or knees and end in long fingers and opposable toes. They usually have heads that are hairless, earless and noseless. They have mere slits for mouths if any at all. Their biggest feature is their eyes which are extremely large, jet black and almond shaped. They are generally unfriendly, are interested in plants and animals but also in humans. Will and have been known to inflict physical violence upon humans that is sometimes disturbing. Many will try to get humans to get aboard their craft for abduction and medical experimentation. They were seen in the 1950s, 1960s and increased in the 1970s but became the most seen type of alien in the 1990s.

These types of aliens are the most commonly seen today dating back to the 1990s. They are the ones who are interested in abducting humans.

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