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Top 5 Scariest Horror Movie Slashers

We’ve all seen some of the iconic horror movies with the infamous killers in them. Their impact on the society has reached well beyond the horror and movie world. However I am not going to be getting into the impact they have on modern culture but rather take a look as to which one is the scariest of all. Who has the title of being the greatest and scariest horror slasher out of all of them? I will device a list and tell a brief description on who they are and what makes them a possibility and what weakness they have that may let us to consider someone else.


5. CHUCKY- The living maniac killing doll is no doubt one of the most underrated and vicious of them all. Chucky is result of a former serial killer who died and his spirit went into this Buddy doll for kids. The killer then decided to take up killing again and will stop at nothing until he succeeds. Not gonna lie, as a kid I was scared of Chucky; probably because he was a doll and kids and dolls are suppose to be friendly and well yeah, let’s just say I had one too many nightmares of our beloved horror doll.


Reason to Consider: He’s a doll and he’s small which makes leaves him to be underestimated and hide in places that most killers wouldn’t even consider. He’s a former serial killer and apparently he’s quite sadistic and not even being in a small plastic body is going to stop him from killing. He’s determined, now I understand that most of them all are but I’d like to think that given the fact that he has it less fortunate then they others, he’s a bit more determined then the rest. He goes after kids, not just teens and adults, this is a big factor.


Weakness- He’s a doll. Odd that his reason to consider is also his weakness but yeah he’s a doll which means in most cases people just believe they can get rid of him easily. A simple drop kick or throw into a wood chipper and he’s pretty much a goner. Some may not fear dolls or even take them seriously which makes him less successful then the rest. He’s made of plastic so while mostly all of them have been on fire at one point or another Chucky is the most likely to perish because of one.


4. LEATHERFACE- The crazy psychopathic killer of “Texas Chainsaw Massacre”. This guy leaves nothing to the imagination and any guy with a skin mask is bound to be a bit nutty. Aside from him he also kills with his inbred family and there’s cannibalism mixed in there as well.


Reason to consider: He’s an absolute psychopath. I mean I did say he wears peoples skin as a leather mask so that usually means he’s a bit more deranged then a normal serial killer. His weapon of choice in my opinion is the best of all, the chainsaw. People are genuinely afraid of chainsaws when they aren’t used for chopping wood so you put one in the hands of a killer and you got some real fear and horror to unleash. Just like most killers, he’s out for blood so the reason this makes him one to consider is because he doesn’t seem to know any better then to kill.


Weakness- He’s not right in the head, he’s not all there seems a bit dumb. Then again he’s probably the product of two family members so therefore he could come off as slightly more dumb then most of the slashers making him less venerable. Also, he tends to take orders from his family so perhaps he could be manipulated(keyword: could). Finally, he looks the part but he is a person after all and can be taken down if you are smart enough and have the right arsenal to do so. He’s more human then others.


3. NORMAN BATES- While he’s not the only killer with mommy issues he definitely has the biggest one. Norman Bates is the prolific serial killer of the Bates Motel in the movie Psycho. He starts by killing a young women who stays at his hotel and not only does he kill her but dresses up like his dead mother in order to do so.


Reason to consider: The movie wasn’t called “I’m Perfectly Sane”. Bates has serious issues including psychological, mental disorders along with schizophrenia and multiple personality disorder meaning this guy’s head not only isn’t screwed on right but there’s natural issues which makes him deadly. Another reason to consider him, you won’t see him coming because usually those he kills are in his area being either the house or the rooms of the motel.


Weakness- His mother. If a person survives long enough to know he has issues with his mom then they can use it against him. Some have and it’s worked, talk about his mother and simply use it against him. This does however seem like a rather easy weakness but then again it’s also what makes him so creepy and scary. He’s human which means if anyone were able to stab, shoot or do whatever else they could to kill him they would succeed. Bates’ biggest weakness is that he’s the most venerable to death but getting a chance to kill him is the hard part.


2. JASON VOORHEES/MICHAEL MYERS- I could not decide on which one so they both come in at #2. Jason is the iconic hockey mask killer in Friday the 13th who comes back more times then anyone to kill teens at Camp Crystal Lake. Michael Myers is the man who comes out every Halloween to go after his sister Laurie and kill other along the way. Both killers have similar characteristics and qualities which makes it hard to figure out which is better then the other.


Reason to consider(JASON): He simply won’t die, he can’t die. He’s been shot at, stabbed, pushed off buildings, blown up, you name it, it’s been done to him. He uses his iconic machete to kill people and when he’s not using that well..he comes up with some pretty interesting and creative ways to kill. He’s an evil spirit and considering he won’t die and he’s killed more people then probably anyone on the list, do you need a reason to not consider him?


Weakness- Well he is pretty much immune and immortal after all but apparently has a weakness to water as shown by Freddy in Freddy vs Jason. Then again Jason’s weakness is water because it’s the very reason he is the way he is since he drowned as a boy. So pretty much, if anyone can keep Jason in pieces in a iron box at the bottom of the Lake, then that’s a good enough weakness.


Reason to consider(MICHAEL): Like Jason, He doesn’t seem to wanna die. He’s past being human and has been shot and stabbed countless times like Jason only to get up and kill again and again. Myers is as ruthless as they come, he’s quiet and brutal at the same time. He’s killed and kills as much as Jason perhaps a bit under but has no conscience and no feeling when he kills, which makes him deadly. Since he can’t die or is hard to kill, makes him quite a candidate to consider.

Weakness: Perhaps he can sometimes be reasoned with but other then that there is no weakness of Myers. Sometimes he stops and doesn’t kill and even hesitates but whether or not this is a legitimate weakness can be debated.


1. FREDDY KRUEGER- The killer from “Nightmare on Elm Street” tops the list at 1. Krueger used to prey on young kids until the parents of the young kids killed him by trapping him in a warehouse and lighting it on fire. The invader of dreams, Freddy can kill you many ways and holds no punches but uses blades on his hands to do so.


Reason to consider: He can kill you while you sleep oh and did I mention he can kill you while you sleep? This to me clearly puts him over the rest of the gang as victims don’t even have to be awake to meet Freddy as he greets them with their untimely end. By being able to kill you in your dreams, Freddy can take many different forms and uses them to kill. Of course he always has his trusty bladed hands to which he can use to slice a person up like an apple.


Weakness: Well considering a fire is what killed him, fire would be a clear sign of his weakness. Also if anyone is able to pull him into the real world that is a big weakness on his part, making him virtually helpless. Freddy can’t be reasoned with or manipulated, at least not in the sense of using it against him as a weakness. Fire and the real world are his two biggest ones.

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