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Do Vampires & The Monster Exist?(Revised)

Do Vampires Exist?

 Now I could look up the documents and evidence to support if vampires exist but I thought it’d be a lot simpler if I give you my personal opinion on whether they do or don’t but both with an analysis from interesting standpoints.


Reason vampires don’t exist: The idea that there’s beings in this world that suck the blood from others to stay alive seems a bit farfetched and out there. When I say beings I of course mean man and not any creatures we already have exsisting today that do this such as bats, mosquitoes and leaches. The principle of immortality seems unobtainable and nonexistent. Finally, if such beings existed wouldn’t they try to take over by wiping out the human race?


Reasons they could exist: A human being who takes on the characteristics of a vampire to an extreme level can technically by some standard be considered a vampire. Of course there is likely a lapse in reality and mental capacity replaced by a psychotic trait which makes them want to go through such extremes to be a vampire but again there are people like this out there and that’s one way it can be said that vampires exist.


The second reason is one we are all familiar with, it’s called evolution and extinction. Now hear me out. We evolved over the centuries into human beings. Dinosaurs and animals have become extinct. Would it be so hard to believe that vampires may have existed at one point in time? Perhaps they were an early level of man that evolution charts don’t show or they existed centuries ago along with humans and just slowly became extinct for whatever reason. Do I believe this? No but I came up with it as a way to explain that it could certainly have been possible.


Does Frankenstein’s Monster Exist?


Reasons it doesn’t exist: Fiction is a funny thing isn’t it? It’s also creative which means it allows us to create wonders that otherwise can never happen, case and point the monster. There is no rational idea or possibility that any man whether he’s the most brilliant scientist or doctor in the world can create a person out of body parts from dead people. It’s gross and I’m sure some maniacs have tried it but obviously it’s just not physically or genetically possible. Someone said there is countless medical and scientific discoveries being made that could make this possible which again I get but I'm talking about a monster being created as Dr. Frankenstein created it. Yes Dr. Frankenstien is a doctor and what he does is scientific but the horror aspect and the fact he uses dead body parts is what I'm referring to. This premise is why I believe a monster of such sorts cannot be created. 


Reasons it could exist: I’ve pretty much just said there’s no way it could humanly be possible however there is only one way to which Frankenstein’s monster could exist...if it were a robot. It is possible for a person to make a human like robot/android that looks like and functions just as the monster does but then you’d have to ask yourself is it the same thing? Irrelevant in my opinion and yes considering it’s the only logical possibility. Again the medical presmie comes into mind but I would lean more toward a person already being alive and having several parts of their body replaced by parts of another but does that make them a monster or fixed up person? 

One reason I decided to take a closer look in comparison on vampires and the monster is because in my first book The Macabre Masterpiece I have a chapter called Creatures which has poems that talk about these two beings. While my take on Frankenstein's monster is pretty much what we already know from the books and movies just shorter and in poem form my take on vampires is a bit different. The reason for this article on whether or not vampires are real is based on my poems and how we as a society percieve vampires lately. My poems deal with how vampires are somber, sad and question their existance. The poems also deal with how we as a society have forgotten who they are and what they are capable. We think they are romantic, mysterious and all sparkly and cute when they are the furthest thing from it. 

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