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Are Classic Horror Monsters Overdone?

What does it take to make a monster? Well sometimes all it takes is a wild and creative imagination while scientists would say maybe an operating table, one ugly assistant and the body parts of six different animals but again no one is judging. However the better question is are certain legendary monsters being overdone and revamped too much? While the first conclusion to be made is that they are continuously made because people never grow tired of them and their are always fans is true. It can also be noted that they are taking a story already well thought out and simply working a creative spin to it but again is too many times taking it too far?

For instance Dracula has been written about in books both fiction and non fiction in the Vlad the Impaler sense countless times and there are well over 200 movies about him as well. Exactly how many of these are different, tell the same tale or have a likeness to others where yes it's different but it's the same old story just told in another way. The same thing can probably be said for the likes of Frankenstein, werewolves, zombies and beasts but again they are classic stories that people just can't seem to get enough of and live on through being told in different ways and change up every once in a while. But isn't it time to hang up creating new stories of these legends? Perhaps other stories of less known monsters or maybe even creating new ones that no ones ever thought of would be better. I am by no way going against the legendary monsters but I say let their legend live on through what we already have like the classics cause in this sense nothing beats the classics when it comes to these monsters. Sometimes certain stories are just beat to death too much and they loose their impact. Friday the 13th and Halloween movies are entertaining but this is a perfect example of gone too far.

Monsters in general can never be outdone because they are true defining characters of what scares and entertains us but those we know by and can name by heart should stay as they are and not take on anymore alterations or retellings for the simple fact that enough is enough and it's time for others to have their time in the horrific spotlight.

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