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                                       ~ Meet the Characters of The Wax Factory ~

Dmitri Townsend

Age: 21
Eyes: Green
Hair: Black

Dmitri is the main character/protagonist of The Wax Factory. He is a smart and down to earth young man with dreams and ambitions just like any other young person. He is well reserved and laid back meaning he’s the type of friend that will tell you something is not a good idea or will try to talk you out of doing something bad. He enjoys sports and hanging out with his girlfriend Melina and best friend Derek. Dmitri does not put on a brave face as he is stern and determined when it comes to his goals and getting things done. He likes trying new things and does not scare easily. He’s a friend to have and an ideal boyfriend which makes Melina quite the lucky girl. He sees things to their end, doesn’t like giving up and models himself to be a great standup guy.

Gustav Vandaldrake

Age: Between 68-73
Eyes: Green
Hair: White

Gustav is the antagonist of the book. He is the curator and owner of The Wax Factory. He has recently re-opened the factory in hopes of making it prosper like it once did for his great grandfather. He is a kind and friendly old man but forgetful and not much is known outside his work which makes him unpredictable. He enjoys telling people the history of the factory and has started working with wax on a more creative basis. He is married to his wife named Isabella and he usually keeps to himself. He has an appreciation for nostalgia and enjoys drinking absinthe.

Melina Saffron

Age: 20
Eyes: Blue
Hair: Blonde

Melina is the girlfriend of Dmitri. She’s very beautiful and very smart. Like most girls her age she enjoys going out and having a good time but also enjoys staying in and reading a good book or spending time with Dmitri. She enjoys shopping, has a sweet tooth and is slightly into the paranormal due to her mother who has a fascination with ghosts. Melina in no way is a dumb blonde in fact she’s quite the opposite, She can be blunt when she needs to be but for the most part is a sweet and friendly girl anybody would be lucky to know.

Tasha Moats

Age: 20
Eyes: Hazel
Hair: Black

Tasha is the best friend of Melina. She could be considered in some ways as stuck up or snobby but that’s only because she hides her feelings. She enjoys hanging out with Melina as well as her inner circle of friends and cannot stand Derek. She loves to shop and may or may not have had a series of boyfriends and one night stands. She cares about her reputation to a point and becomes a bit shy when it comes to asking her about her personal life. She is friendly but does have a bit of an attitude.

Derek Redmond

Age: 21
Eyes: Green
Hair: Red/Light Brown

Derek is the jock, comedian and idiot of the group. He attends college thanks to a nice football scholarship. Derek is the type of guy that has his group of friends but not because of his personality. He jokes around too much, hits on girls and gets rejected too much and has fun a bit too much. He’s the best friend of Dmitri and is the adventurous one of the duo. Derek is a nice and friendly guy for those who get to know him.  

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