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Why Do Ghosts Haunt Graveyards?

Ghosts. By definition, it is an apparition of a dead person which is believed to appear or become manifest to the living, typically as a nebulous image. Ghosts are seen and tend to haunt for various reasons and can be seen in a vast variety of locations. Usually, it depends on the location itself but sometimes it can follow and haunt a person, and the location simply doesn’t matter. When it does come to the location, however, it is likely that a ghost will haunt a specific place because it was either where they lived at one point in their life, a place that they frequented often, or a place that was special and meaningful to them in life. There are also locations that ghosts haunt for negative reasons. They haunt these places because they were treated poorly at them such as a prison or asylum and the spirit cannot move on but remains restless and haunts. But of all these reasons and locations there is one place to which a ghost haunts that is neither a good nor bad reason and that is cemeteries and graveyards.

Why do ghosts haunt graveyards? Sure, it seems obvious but is it? One main reason is because that is where their body is buried and their spirit has left it and roams about but always stays near. Another reason may be that despite not having a meaningful location to haunt they still have unfinished business and must stay within the graveyard to haunt it. No, ghosts do not haunt graveyards simply because they are sometimes scary and graveyards are scary places. It is way more sentimental than that, a ghost has a purpose just like everything else, and being in a graveyard is no different. I have always wondered why would a ghost haunt such a place. Sure that’s where they are buried but are all spirits who haunt graveyards and cemeteries confined to haunt them because of that reason? It would certainly make sense as being the top reason but a deeper thought makes one wonder.

Finally, one thing to note is that there are several types of spirits that someone may see at a cemetery and graveyard. They may see orbs, white beams of light, vapor, or the type we’re referring to here being full-body apparitions. I myself have never seen a ghost in or out of a graveyard but I naturally assume that orbs and full-body apparitions are the most prominently seen by people. Partly due to the fact that again, because their bodies are buried there they appear in their full transparent bodies to haunt. If you ever find yourself in a cemetery late at night and you come across a ghost rather than be afraid perhaps you should ask them, why do you haunt this place?

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