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A Comparison of Shaojin and Trump

As many of you may know Shin Shaojin is the antagonist of my crime thriller novel, Opium Warfare. However what do you really know about him besides the fact that he's a bad guy? Well for a simple explanation of him check out a post of him on" target="_blank">pinterest. To be honest I don't really dip into Shaojin's past but tell you enough to give you an idea of the type of man he is. He is a businessman, perhaps the top businessman in all of Shaojin during the times. It isn't mentioned as to how he acquired such wealth but he owns his own business called Shaojin Enterprises and there are several headquarter locations throughout China not just Shanghai. I will give you one spoiler in simple terms that Shaojin is looking to expand his business ventures by having more buildings made in Shanghai which shows his willingness to try new things, expand and better Shanghai. Shaojin has backgrounds in fighting and hand to hand combat but never really mentions it as he is always looking forward and to the future. He's all business first and fun later type but what makes him tick? Why exactly is he so egotistical and arogant? Well there are several factors as to why this is which I will share.

I first took the ole cliche that most big head honchos of big businesses are full of themselves and only care about making more money and if it doesn't benefit them to some degree they aren't interested. This can be said about Shaojin. Also while most businessman tend to have you speak to one of their representatives and what not I sort of allowed people to be able to approach Shaojin which means he cares what people think about him and he's very quick to jump to conclusions and defend himself as he doesn't want to be misconstrued. Basically Shaojin while above people(or thinking he is) still cares what the everday man has to say about him, he's quick to snap at that person and doesn't care whether or not it hurts their feelings but in a way he cares about his image. Shin Shaojin does business with several other corporations and one can assume that he has business in overseas trading, real estate, and a Shanghai-esque Wall Street all to which accounts for his success and wealth.

Donald Trump, we all know who he is. Donald Trump is a modern day entrepreneur, a businessman who has a line of Hotels, clothing company as well as many other business type ventures. Also as you know he is running for president and it's because of this that we get to hear him and how he is. If you know Trump you know he too is egotistical, very rude, arrogant and foul mouthed. Trump thinks he's the king of swing and doesn't care if he offends people because he won't even admit to saying or doing anything wrong in the first place. Like Shaojin he is wealthy, arrogant and is quick to defend himself, always tried to get the last word in. He believes in himself a little too much and is probably his biggest fan, Shaojin can also be said to be his own biggest fan. Does Trump make good business choices? Absolutely there's no question about that and he also makes sure he follows up on topics and makes good points when need be. The problem is sometimes he goes too overboard or as any man in his position does, he jumps the gun, is quick to deliver and makes points and comes off like a total fool. He either tells you what you want to hear or tells you something as long as it's about him or benefits him.

Now everything I have said about Trump could be said to be my opinion but I'm merely basing my information off what Trump himself says and the way he portrays himself. I'm not telling you anything you probably don't already think yourself. Since I talked about what I based Shaojin off of, I'll get a bit more into Trump. Do you think Trump cares about what people think about him? No, I don't think he does and why should he? When your that full of yourself you only care about one person...numero uno, yourself. What does it say about him as a businessman? Well again I'm not downing businessman nor am I saying they are all alike I am merely really in and taking the ole cliche that most are arrogant, ego driven and while they have drive they are all about themselves. This to me is Donald Trump in a nutshell, sure every once in a while he surprises you by doing hospitality(whatever that may be) but in the long run he's the epideme of what I;m talking about, a wealthy man who thinks everything he says and does is right and if you call him out on it, he's going to tell you, put you down or say whatever he has to to make you feel bad for saying it.

Did I base Shin Shaojin off Donad Trump? No, not at all. At least not intentionally. When I created Shin Shaojin, Donald Trump wasn't even in my mind, in fact the old businessman of the day such as John D. Rockefeller and Henry Ford were people I had in mind. I then took those two men, visualized they were in another country and then gave them flaw after flaw until I had Shin Shaojin(That was a very brief assessment of what I did). Now that I look back and seeing as I'm writing this article I would say Shaojin definitely has traits that are similar and like Donald Trump. How are they alike? Well let's see:

-Ego Driven


-Care what people think about them

-Are quick to defend themselves


-Make points and want you to know they made it

-Tend to have slip ups when speaking

-They(pardon my French) know their shit:

-Are very blunt when speaking their minds

However, while they are similar they are also different. Aside from the obvious ones real and the other isn't Shaojin threatens those who oppose him, Trump at least to my knowledge does not. When someone calls Trump out or goes against what he says, he stays firm and takes them down and shows no weakness if only that he turns slightly redder then normal. Shaojin shows signs of weakness when someone catches him on something, he sounds lost as of what to say gets beat red and then decides how he wants to handle it. To put it in simple terms, Trump has one face, Shaojin has many. Basically what it comes down to is that Shin Shaojin and Donald Trump while alike are also very different. I'd give you numbers on their net worth but I don't find it irrelevant and plus I don't want any of us to feel like we are worthless or shells in comparison to these two men.

To find out more about Shin Shaojin please feel free to read about him in Opium Warfare

Donald Trump is actually quite familar with Chinese books and culture. Check out this article on an interview he had with a press agency of China, he listed 20 Chinese books that he had read, from memory.

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